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Woolen fabrics

high quality Woolen fabrics in yardage in all possible weaves – ( twill, herringbone, cloth, linen, tweed, diamond, plaid) colors and various weights in widths mostly 150 cm. Everything can be filtered using the filter located on the left side of this page
Wool fabrics with the “A” label are made of 100% wool and meet criteria for reenactment and historical costumes, LARP or normal wear, including all the properties of pure wool (moderate water repellency, thermal comfort, self-cleaning properties…).
Wools labeled “B” are also classic wool fabrics in yardage, however they contain 10-20% admixture (mostly polyamide or polyester). These wools are characterized by cheaper price, feeling more pleasant.
Handwoven fabrics – labeledAH – these are fabrics woven from 100% wool yarn on a wooden frame loom. These fabrics are designed for die-hard Reenacting fans who want to get as close to period textiles as possible, or lovers of natural handwoven fabrics.

Attention! All fabrics containing wool are recommended to be washed in water up to 30 degrees Celsius either by hand or in a machine with a wool programme.

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