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B128B – woolen fabric Cinamon brown twill


Medium thickness woolen twill weaved from cinamon brown yarns . Width 170 cm !!

Twill – is one of the three basic weaves of fabrics, which has been known since antiquity. The twill weave is recognised by the fact that it is formed by a set of diagonal parallel rows running from right to left on the surface of the fabric, or in the opposite direction. This weave is also popular for its strength.

Grammage – ( 320 g/m²  )
Width 170 cm
Composition 80 % wool, 20 %  PAD
Weave twill  – 2/1 (Three ply)
Finishingwithout fuling
Wash temperaturemax. 30 ॰C
Rigiditymedium rigid
Feeling on skin–  “scratching”
Example of usehistorical clothing, dress, trausers, uniforms, jerkins, tunics, cloaks, coats ect.

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