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A208A – woolen fabric Royl Blue plain


Light thick woolen plain weaved from blue  yarns.

Plain is the simplest basic type of weave known to mankind itself. It is a so-called “double-faced” weave, that is, the proportion of warp weave points and weft weave points is in the ratio of 1/1. This gives the plain the same appearance from the front and back.

Grammage – ( 310 g/m²  )
Width – 150 cm
Composition – 100 % wool
Weave plain weave
Finishing low fuling
Wash temperaturemax. 30 ॰C
Rigidity rigid
Feeling on skinpleasant
Example of usehistorical clothing, dress, trausers, uniforms, jerkins, tunics, cloaks, coats ect.

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