Don’t be affraid to ask anything
If you have any questions we will be glad if you contact us.
You can create account or just shop without creating one.
On the top of the page you can see menu. Right from menu you can see flag. You can switch to language that is represented by flag. Language doesn’t affect currency.
Right from the flag is the currency switcher. You can choose from Czech crown, Euro and US Dollar. Czech crowns are meant for Czech custommers only. Euro for countries from European Union and US Dollars for rest of the world.
Products are divided into categories by quality and material. In categories you can see all products we have. If some of goods is not available just contact us and we will try our best to satisfy your needs.
You can put product into shopping cart from the product list or from its details (after clicking on it). You can set quantity with arrow buttons or by typing exact quantity you want (with decimal precision). Least quantity you can buy is 0.5 meters.
You can check you shopping status by clicking cart icon in the top right corner. From shopping cart you can procceed to checkout. Then you will have to choose shipping method, payment method and agree with conditions. After clicking button “place order” you should receive informative email (if not please check if our email didn’t end in the spam). In a few hours you will receive another mail confirming that goods is ready for delivery. This email will contain information about payment and shipping. When we will receive your payment we will transfer your order to deliverer and email you with order number so you could track it with servis Track and Trace.
Goods is not available
If you want something that is not available, please contact us and we will immediately order it for you. It will take some time.
Shipping time
Your order will be processed in 24 hours (you will be emailed). We ship goods in two days after receiving payment (we will notice you by email again). If you are in a hurry, please let us know and we will ship goods earlier.