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Author: Jan Pilný

Chloe Dubois – Nal

  My name is Chloe and I am 22 years old. I live in Brittany, France, and I created my sewing workshop in my house. I’m doing Viking reconstruction for 5 years. After having done all the costumes of the members of my association, I then offered my services to other friends in France and little by little, that’s how I started to create Viking costumes.       I realize tailor-made costumes, evoking Viking or entirely sourced archelogically, the taste and the image of the customer. I make very richly decorated clothes with embroidery, hand printing on textile...

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Vacation at

From 18.7 to 6.8. we are at festivals outside the Czech Republic and therefore the eshop will be turned off. So please order in advance.😉 Thank you for your...

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June – New woolen and colored linen fabrics

We added a lot of woolen  and few colored linen fabric to our eshop.   A100 – woolen fabric Gray-white diamond A138B – woolen fabric Yellow-gray herringbone A215B – woolen fabric Crimson-gray diamond A101B – woolen fabric GreenGray plain A102 – woolen fabric Yellow-gray plain A105 – woolen fabric Natural plain A109 – woolen fabric Brown-Gray plain A122B – woolen fabric antracit – gray heringbone A143 – woolen fabric Teracota-antracit plain A228C – woolen fabric Yellow-light gray herringbone A229B – woolen fabric Burgundy-white herringbone A270 – woolen fabric Turquoise-gray diamond LINEN L105 – Pea green linen plain L106 –...

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May – New woolen fabrics vol.2

New woolen fabrics offer. A176C – woolen fabric Blue-gray herringbone A117 – woolen fabric Burgundy-darkGray herringbone A114 – woolen fabric Red-dark gray herringbone A115 – woolen fabric Red-gray herringbone A116 – woolen fabric Teracota-gray herringbone A145 – woolen fabric Blackblue extra heavy cloth B131 – woolen fabric Bordo cloth A172B – woolen fabric Brown heavy cloth B153 – woolen fabric Malachit cloth B154 – woolen fabric Dark GreenBlue cloth B129 – woolen fabric Camel fleece B126 – woolen fabric Light gray fleece B155 – woolen fabric Rusty twill B156 – woolen fabric Dark green fleece B100B – woolen fabric...

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New woolen fabrics – May

We added many new woolen fabrics to our eshop – herringbones,  plains, few clothes and diamond twill. A259 – woolen fabric Green-black herringbone A258 – woolen fabric Dark brown-black herringbone A263 – woolen fabric yellow-black plain A262 – woolen fabric Burgundy-black plain A214B – woolen fabric Brown-gray diamond twill A146C – woolen fabric Biliard cloth A265 – woolen fabric Burgundy-black herringbone A264 – woolen fabric Beige-brown soft plain A189B – woolen fabric Blue-black plain A261 – woolen fabric Beige-black plain A255 – woolen fabric Soft brown herringbone A260 – woolen fabric Black-white herringbone A209C – woolen fabric Green-black plain...

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