Also in June we come with a variety of wool fabrics and some fresh white linen.

A119A – woolen fabric Sunflower Yellow plain

A129A – woolen fabric Green-beige herringbone

A133B – woolen fabric Dark green cloth

A222A – woolen fabric Natural white-beige herringbone

A248 – woolen fabric White diamond for dying

A265B – woolen fabric Grass GreenYellow plain

A296A – woolen fabric Blue-antracite herringbone

A307 – Woolen fabric Heavy brown cloth

A327 – woolen fabric Red-yellow plain

A380 – woolen fabric soft Black twill

A383 – woolen fabric soft Dark blue twill

A384 – woolen fabric soft GreyGreen-beige plain

A385 – woolen fabric soft Antracite-white soft plaid

L128 – Thin white linen plain

L149 – Extra thick Ecru white linen plain

L150 – Extra thick White linen plain



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