Spring is approaching and a new season is knocking on the door. It’s still easy to put together a new costume or a warm outfit for the colder weather.
So why not take advantage of one of our new products?


A101A – woolen fabric GreenGray plain

A124C – woolen fabric Grass Green/yellow herringbone

A143B – woolen fabric Chesnut brown plain

A176A – woolen fabric Darker Blue herringbone

A206A – Woolen fabric Light GreenGray cloth

A208A – woolen fabric Royl Blue plain

A244C – woolen fabric Cinamon brown diamond

A258C – woolen fabric brown-antracite herringbone

A261B – woolen fabric Ocher plain

A265B – woolen fabric Grass GreenYellow plain

A264B – woolen fabric Natural Beige soft plain

A298A – woolen fabric Brown herringbone

A351A – woolen fabric Redish Brown-beige twill

A359A – woolen fabric Green twill


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