With the end of the year we added a few more wool and linen fabrics to our shop.

Here they are…

A104A – woolen fabric Natural white-beige diamond

A110A – woolen fabric Natural white-beige plain

A127A – woolen fabric Dark Green-white herringbone

A177C – woolen fabric Red-Brick herringbone

A221B – woolen fabric Natural White-gray herringbone

A249B – woolen fabric Brick-antracite diamond

A295A – woolen fabric Burgundy-white herringbone


A332A – woolen fabric Brick red diamond

A261B – woolen fabric Ocher plain

L151 – Dark grey twill linen

L152 – Salmon Orange linen plain

L153 – Beige-white stripes twill linen

L154 – Antracite black linen plain

You can also check out our complete offer woolen  and linen  fabrics.
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