Another of our woolen fabrics are plains. These plains are lighter in weight and feel quite comfortable.

Plain is the simplest basic weave type known to mankind itself. It is what is known as a “two-ply” weave, meaning that the proportion of warp weave points and weft weave points are in a 1/1 ratio. This gives the canvas the same look on the front and back.

A101B – woolen fabric GreenGray plain

A108A – woolen fabric Blue-gray plain

A119C – woolen fabric Dark Yellow-gray plain

A262B – woolen fabric Burgundy-gray plain

A263B – woolen fabric brown plain

B112B – woolen fabric GreyBlue plain

B113A – woolen fabric Olive green plain

B114B – woolen fabric Light gray plain

B117B – woolen fabric Dark brown plain with soft pattern

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