We have expanded the range of fabrics to include so-called semi-linen. These are mainly linen woven on cotton warp.

Especially worth mentioning is the impregnated linen with cotton suitable for tents. This combines the advantage of a dense cotton warp with a natural linen design.

The main advantage of half-fleece garments, apart from the pleasant wearing comfort and interesting designs, is also the price.

We keep these half-fabrics in the Linen Fabrics section under the LCxxx label.

LC120B – Densely woven Impregnated half-linen for tent

LC128 – Rock oil linen-cotton plain

LC129 – Brick linen-cotton plain

LC130 – BlueGray linen-cotton plain

LC131 – Turquoise linen-cotton twill

LC132 – Blue linen-cotton plain

LC133 – Red linen-cotton plain

LC134 – Dark beige linen-cotton twill

LC135 – Light green linen-cotton plain

LC136 – Grey-white stipes linen-cotton plain

LC137 – Camel beige linen-cotton twill

LC138 -Beige rough linen-cotton plain

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