We are a fencing and stunt group that deals with the representation of the Gothic period and the Thirty Years’ War. The longer we operate, the more intensively we work on realistic representations of period clothing, with the material being one of the fundamental aspects.

In addition to fencing and historical performances, the Honorata Society is also involved in theatrical adaptations of fairy tales and legends. Our members are swordsmen, actors, musketeers, drummers or dancers, we also do a fire show and there are also activities for children.

The fabrics from Wooltrade meet our requirements very well, so we order here all the time and a full roll of fabric is no exception. We have been lucky to find a skilled seamstress in our area who is passionate about making historical costumes and makes the vast majority of our clothes.
Well, because we have tried out wool and linen garments at day or weekend events, some of our members are increasingly using these materials to sew civilian clothing as well.



To see more of our costumes or our work, visit Honorata.cz or our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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