I am Elena of Ripa.

I began being involved in the Viking reenactment scene for the last four years. My entire family is involved, as it is how my partner and I met; we are both fighters in a Danish western-style fight group.


During the market season, we spend multiple weeks camping. With three growing children that we raise together, it made sense to me to make their clothes rather than buy them as I already enjoy a variety of crafts including nålbinding and my newest crafting medium, leather.

This also allows us a great deal of flexibility and ability to customize our clothing, instead of finding a shop that sells exactly what we want, in the colors and cut we want.

For the last few years, I have been helping our newer fighters with advice on how to make clothes, and where to buy the material, like Wooltrade, and others in our group have commissioned me to make their garments for them. Many from our group have also ordered material from Wooltrade.cz due to the large assortment of colors, textures, and materials available for incredibly reasonable prices.

You can also visit my FB profile:Gaganova


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