Lenka Macalkova – Aportin costume

I have been involved in various creative activities since I was a child, but my biggest love is sewing. I started creating larp costumes 15 years ago and over time this hobby has changed as the focus of the events I attend has changed.


Currently, I have been sewing custom historical and larp clothing and accessories for several years.

I always strive to combine historical knowledge and create clothing that will meet all the owner’s requirements: period accuracy, comfort, practicality and price range.


I believe that a garment that is given time and attention in all these aspects can serve its owner for many years and thanks to it, the owner will be richer for a wide range of experiences that will not be spoiled by an ill-fitting tunic, dress, trousers…

Working with pleasant natural materials, which Wooltrade.cz offers in a wide range, is very pleasant for me and I like to return to them.


You can view my work at FB profile APORTIN COSTUME

Or write me email to: aportin.costume@gmail.com


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