Juth design

– is the brand of a tailor’s studio, which consists of Anna Vojáčková.









She writes about herself:  I am a lover of craft, art and beauty of all kinds. I have a passion for sightseeing, history, photography, illustation, dance, theater and creative activities of all kinds. Everything combined together in my tailor’s studio into a high quality non-traditional outfits.



I’m a lady tailor with 10 years of practice. I specialize mainly in costumes, historical replicas and otherwise unconventional clothing. And because I have many of them myself and are a real passion for me, I try to put in the best of my work  (craft and humanity) into all projects.


The customer always has the last word with me and I try to always make the most of his individuality and needs… And while I’m just sewing for myself, I have time for many challenging or experimental processes.



She write about her “passion” on blog :  http://juth-design.blog.cz/
                                                          or website:  juth-design


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