Elina Šabatová and viking group Brunnakr.

I‘ve been loving history since I was a child. I have always wondered what would it be like to go back in time. I have never imagined it was kind of possible until I’ve been taken to reenactment by my daughter. She started doing vikings and convinced me that it this the right thing for me.

At the beginning I wondered what would I do? I got the idea at the first event. I saw a lot of awful costumes with bad stitching and design. I can manage almost all handiwork so I‘ve started collecting document‘s about viking historical costumes.

After a while Brunnakr was founded. It is a viking group consisting of women only. Our goal is to show living of free women of that time. Whole conception is built on historical basis. Viking men used to leave families for a long time and they were never sure to return. So women were equal both legally and socially.



All of our members do some textile techniques I prefer sewing. We concentrate on quality on hand made processing. We use historical materials like linen, wool and silk.



We like to attend to Early-medieval events here and abroad. Our main focus is textile technique demonstration, historical cuisine. We take a small shop with us with costumes, fabrics and supplements.

FB contact:Brunnakr


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