We open year 2017 and our series “Your clothing – our inspiration” with a really large calibre. It’s a group that moved “Live action role-playing game “costumes to whole new level.

Snaga member Ctibor Ostrý says about them:

Project One tribe is a pure fantasy made by a bunch of friends. We like J. R. R. Tolkien orcs. We take inspiration from history and mix it with our own invetion. Our pruducts reflects techniques from early Middle Ages up to indians. Costumes are both authentics and functional.

Old shaman’s costume in photographing Vorroz – funeral was made from wooltrade.cz‘s wool. Yes, this wool burned in funeral pyre!

See photos more from funeral: FB galery

Read more information about Snaga:  http://www.jedenkmen.cz

Do they give you the creeps or you pity not to be born as on of them?…


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